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Intimate Autumn LGBTQ+ Wedding Photography at Thornbury Hall

Jack and Russ’ intimate Staffordshire ceremony was just so beautiful to be a part of. After some last-minute drama (COVID really is the gift that just keeps on giving…), this gorgeous couple finally tied the knot at Thornbury Hall in Cheadle in September surrounded by an intimate gathering of their most special friends and family.

Thornbury Hall Wedding Photography

Nestled in gorgeous countryside, this wedding day had a subtly autumnal feel to it with the grooms wearing warm toned suits with beautiful jewel purple accents from the bridesmaids. There were lots of subtle and beautiful little nods to Jack and Russ' relationship throughout the wedding (more below - gave me tingles!) including a show-stopping Northern Lights-themed cake linking to their proposal story, and stunning custom wedding rings. Jack and Russ tied the knot in Thornbury Hall's Lahore Room, before moving outside with their guests to make use of the venue's fabulous gardens for couple and family portraits. With its beautiful grounds and countryside location, there couldn't have been a more perfect romantic setting for this nature loving couple! To top it all off, musical contributions from Jack's family created a relaxed atmosphere for the couples and their guests, and the day was a warm and joyful celebration of a gorgeous love story.

Read on to find out more about this divine couple and their wedding in their own words...

How did you meet?

We met online and our first date was at a Chinese buffet. We stayed there for five hours talking, and we've always said we're surprised they didn't kick us out! Perhaps they could see something special was happening...

What’s your best memory together?

This is difficult to answer as there have been so many! However, the moment we proposed to each other was probably a real highlight. Under the Northern Lights, Jack proposed first and I answered with my own proposal. We had both rehearsed what to say to each other, but in the moment all that fell away to those four words - 'Will you marry me?'.

What’s your favourite thing about one another?

We both have a real love for nature and our garden. It's probably the thing we are both most appreciative thing of- that we can work together to encourage as much life as possible to flourish in our garden, together.

Did your day have a theme?

The colour purple was a definite theme - it's a favourite colour of ours. We also really wanted something set in nature, and the location we found at Thornbury Hall offered just this. We got very lucky!

Why did you plan your day that way?

The grooms wore blue and red, because when these two colours come together as one, they form the purple that could be seen around the rest of the wedding. For us, it was a colourful symbol of complete union.

What did you enjoy most about your day?

It went by so quickly, but we were both just so happy that despite all the hurdles, we managed to keep our original wedding day and celebrate it with our nearest and dearest. Walking around the grounds with Laura just after the ceremony was especially nice. It allowed both of us to take in what had happened and enjoy the moment.

What are your hopes for the future?

We plan to do more in our garden to attract wildlife into our lives and eventually would love to honeymoon in Australia. We haven't been able to do this yet thanks to Miss Rona!

Anything else you’d like to add?

Just a massive thank you to Laura for being the best photographer we could have hoped for :)

Thornbury Hall Wedding Venue

Thornbury Hall is a Grade II listed building which is licensed to carry out civil and humanist wedding ceremonies. Accessed from Lockwood Road in the Staffordshire Moorlands, the venue is nestled in the heart of the Staffordshire countryside with stunning views and beautiful gardens. Thornbury Hall offers partial hire, exclusive use and the option of adding a marquee in addition to the use of the house, meaning it could be the perfect setting for any wedding, large or small. Weddings hosted at Thornbury Hall can make full use of the available facilities including the Lahore Room (the venue's largest room), which is perfect for ceremonies, the Star Room, with atmospheric wood panelling and a starlit ceiling, and the light and airy Shalamar Room, perfect for an intimate wedding breakfast.


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