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Wedding Photography at Liverpool Anglican Cathedral

A bride and groom look into each others eyes at Liverpool Cathedral.

So let me just set the scene by saying this one of my FAVOURITE weddings I photographed in 2022. Yup, I said it. Capturing images of this absolute RIOT of colour, sound and beauty was a true highlight of my entire career as a wedding photographer so far.

Think I'm being dramatic? Just you wait till you see the photos. Read on, feast your eyes and enjoy.

Bonfire Night wedding reception in Liverpool City Centre

Vandana and Pinder had already officially tied the knot in Liverpool a little earlier in the year, and I was tasked with capturing all of the stunning details of their 300+ guest wedding reception at Liverpool Anglican Cathedral. It was the most wonderful feeling to be chosen to capture this vibrant celebration within the walls of this historic building.

A bride and groom sit in shadow at their top table, with dramatic pink and purple lights in front of them.

A breathtaking location for a wedding

Located around a 25 minute stroll away from Liverpool's key tourist attractions such as the Albert Dock and Liverpool One, Liverpool Anglican Cathedral is very popular with visitors and tourists. It's pretty rare to have the place to yourself; unless, of course, you're getting married there.

I arrived at the Cathedral around half an hour before its official closing time, blending into the crowds of awestruck tourists. There's a definite thrill about being allowed to go 'behind the scenes' of a building like this and roam the areas that are off limits to most visitors, and experience what the Cathedral is like once the last visitor has been ushered out through it's grand doors. As a lover of historic buildings, it was really special for me to experience this and be a part of such a beautiful private celebration in this wonderful space.

A beautiful, brilliant, breathtaking wedding reception

Anyway, enough waffling, let's get to the bit you're really here for - Vandana and Pinder! I could tell this was gunna be one for the books during our pre-wedding talk, when Vandana casually mentioned that there'd be over 200 guests in attendance. That was before she mentioned the saxophonist, Bhangra group and dance lessons that would also be involved! A celebration at such a scale needs some serious decor and lighting to create a suitably impressive atmosphere, and the combination of pink and purples lighting with the candlelit tables provided this in abundance. The focal point of the space was, of course, 'For You' - a beautiful neon art installation by Tracey Emin which sits at the West Window and reads in bright pink script, "I Felt You And I Knew You Loved Me." What a perfect sentiment for such a celebration of love.

A bride and groom stand in the nave of Liverpool Anglican Cathedral, silhouetted against the dramatic lighting behind them.

Liverpool City Centre Wedding Photography

We started the evening with group photos of Vandana, Pinder and their loved ones. The array of velvet tuxedos and bejewelled dresses was stunning, the perfect juxtaposition for the gothic architecture. The family then headed down to the Lady Chapel, which sits at a lower level than the rest of Liverpool Cathedral, to welcome the newly weds' many friends and family to what promised to be a stunning event. Making the most of the last few quiet moments, the bride, groom and I explored the expanse of the cathedral for their wedding portraits.

Liverpool Anglican Cathedral Wedding Portraits

With it being quite frankly freezing in the city outside, not to mention the ever-advancing threat of rain, we opted to make full use of the stunning Cathedral interiors for their couples' photos. The bride and groom looked absolutely incredible, Pinder in a classy-AF velvet tux and Vandana in a modern, bejewelled delight of a dress, an amazing sheet of shimmering silver catching the light each time she moved.

The lighting in the cathedral was breathtaking, and I was super keen to make the most of the beautiful blend of modern and traditional from the mixture of neon, candles and coloured strobes. I also made sure to capitalise on the dramatic shadows of the nave, creating the feel of stolen romantic moments between the newly married couple.

The groom dances during his wedding reception at Liverpool Cathedral.

The party of a lifetime at Liverpool Cathedral

With the formal photos done and dusted, it was time to don my ninja outfit (not literally), blend into the ever-growing crowd of friends and family, and photograph the love, joy and appreciation - especially for the incredible food that was working it's way around the room (I may have snuck a bhaji, and let me tell you - it was absolutely DELICIOUS) and the brilliant saxophonist who did a sterling job of getting the party started. As things got into full swing, a group of Bhangra dancers arrived, giving a dazzling demonstration of their talents and leading an ecstatic crowd in a short Bhangra workshop. What a bloody experience to be a part of!

Liverpool Cathedral Wedding Photographs

There's honestly so much I could say about photographing Vandana and Pinder's wedding celebration but I'd have you here into next week, so I'll let the pictures do the talking.

A Bhangra group lead a dance demonstration at Liverpool Cathedral.

Wedding guests take part in a Bhangra dance lesson at Liverpool Anglican Catherdral.


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