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11 LGBTQ+ songs that are perfect for weddings (as chosen by a queer wedding photographer)

A groom and groom hold each other on the dance floor.

It goes without saying that weddings are the ultimate opportunity for a good love song marathon, and if you're an LGBTQ+ couple, you're likely to want a good dose of songs that feel relevant to your love story on your wedding playlist. As a queer wedding photographer, I know how lacking a lot of wedding playlists can be when it comes to LGBTQ+ representation! Use this list as a starting point for your perfect wedding playlist. Some of the tunes below are love songs by queer artists, and others are explicitly about queer love; all make a great addition to any wedding playlist. And who knows - one might even be your perfect first dance song!

1. Mary Lambert - She Keeps Me Warm

You'll likely know this from the beautiful Macklemore song 'Same Love', and Lambert used her part on that song to inspire this full version. It's an absolutely beautiful, wedding-ready lesbian love song.

A groom and groom walk through confetti thrown by their loved ones

2. Sufjan Stevens - Mystery of Love

Anyone who, like me, has watched Call Me By Your Name approximately 500 times and cried each and every one, will be very familiar with this hauntingly beautiful tune. It's a fairly lengthy slow burner, but could be perfect for an intimate and understated first dance or just a beautiful bit of background music.

3. R.E.M. - At My Most Beautiful

Fancy something a bit different with a 90s throwback vibe? R.E.M's 'At My Most Beautiful' is a track off their 1998 album 'Up', and has gorgeously romantic lyrics.

Two brides say their vows

4. Phoebe Bridgers - Friday, I'm In Love

Featuring Phoebe's trademark haunting vocals, this stunning cover of The Cure's classic is a real spine-tingler.

5. Katie Pruitt - Loving Her

Goose-pimply gorgeous gay country vibes.

6. Holly Miranda - All I Want Is To Be Your Girl

If you want something a little jauntier and more upbeat, this is a great choice.

Two grooms hold hands during their wedding ceremony

7. Pale Waves - Easy

A little something for those wanting to channel their inner emo.

8. Tash Sultana - Harvest Love

You can always rely on Tash Sultana for top quality musicianship, emotive vocals and that special 'something' that's a little bit different. Slow and intense, 'Harvest Love' is super romantic with rocky breaks throughout. At just over 6 minutes long, it's probably a bit long for a first dance (although you do you, obvs) but would be great for a bit of chilled background music.

9. Lucy Dacus - La Vie En Rose

If you want something really different for your first dance, Lucy Dacus' upbeat take on this romantic classic might be right up your street.

Two grooms stand at the bottom of a set of stairs at Manchester Art Gallery

10. Brandi Carlile - If There Was No You

Another one that might be a bit fast for a first dance, but would make a great addition to a slightly rockier wedding playlist. Brandi also has enormous amounts of brilliant music to consider on for your wedding, so go do some digging!

11. Janelle Monae - I Like That

I couldn't not include Janelle Monae in this list because she is an absolute icon of queer music and I LOVE HER. 'I Like That' is a bit more sedate than some of her other tunes, making it great 'during the day' music for any queer wedding. If you're wanting to add something more upbeat for your evening playlist, it has to be "Make Me Feel'.

Two brides have their first kiss as wife and wife

Queer wedding photographer

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